Renowned Galleries

The galleries menu gives access to a graphical representation of a various number of 'set-up' instructions. The intention is for using them to assist you when you are 'on the road' at a simple and effective way. We realize our selection is not complete at this moment. We've managed only themes we found 'actual' sofar. If you have suggestions for further development of our galleries or if you like to participate in providing us with interesting 'set-up' instructions, please leave a comment. We'll contact you as soon is possible.


We are working on presentations for:

Ansible 'under contruction'
Docker in a Nutshell I 'available'
Docker in a Nutshell II 'under contruction'
Fuse ESB 'under contruction'
Fuse ActiveMQ 'available'
JBoss 'under contruction'
Linux 'under contruction'
Mac OS 'under contruction'
MS Windows 'under contruction'
MySQL 'under contruction'
Fusion Middleware Setup(s) 'available'
Oracle 12c Setup 'available'
PostgreSQL|EDB 'under contruction'
Vagrant in a Nutshell 'available'


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