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Douwe Jan Reitsma

IT administrator since 1988. Currently (as of September 1, 2016) working as an Oracle SOA (Weblogic) Manager. In the period before September 1, 2016, I mainly worked as a technical application manager on Oracle, MSSQL and EnterpriseDB databases. During my administration tasks I have kept my focus on virtualization projects and improving management processes in the form of Vagrant, Docker, Ansible, Jenkins and ELK (Elastic Search, Logstash and Kibana). Version Control with Subversion and GIT are also a part of the job. In addition to the above activities I am also preparing for Oracle 12c and Redhat Ansible Tower certification.


I have, in terms of experience, a 'broad' background in managing applications and databases. Both at operational level and participating in various projects I can make a good contribution to the organization. I also like to transfer this knowledge to colleagues and like to improve the quality of processes within the organization. Following developments in the field of applications and databases I see it as a dynamic process which, in addition to the fun to do, a need to manage it as well. An example of this is the recent experience with Oracle SOA Suite.


In the past I have gained experience with Progress 8 & 9 since 2000, Oracle 8,9,10 & 11 since 2007, MSSQL since 2011, Redwood Cronacle V8 / V9 since 2012/2013 and EnterpriseDB Associate since 2012. In 2013, EnterpriseDB Professional and FuseESB training has been done.



The environments, so far, where I've  worked on are Windows, AIX, and Linux. Projects I've been involved with, setting up new PostgreSQL (EnterpriseDB) environments and improving efficiency of existing procedures. Consider for example the automated refresh of complete 'Acceptance streets, consisting of data warehouse environments (Oracle CDC links with Teradata), standby databases, application servers, web interfaces, with data from production systems. I'm adjusting procedures using Ansible with pleasure. Therefore it is a positive development to obtain efficiency as much as possible.


Besides the standard activities, I think it's very important to be open to innovation within the organization and improving communication in the workplace. As an example of innovations I would like to cite an example of the changes within the organization. The organization, which is a classic managed organisation has to be  transformed to an organization with 'DevOps' teams to provide faster, more efficient and cheaper activities to jump to the wishes of the customer. For me as a manager, it is hereby also important, during this transition, to ensure the management is done, for example, by offering  the use of a "service catalog" containing references to information and documentation. Working proactively cooperate with other colleagues and a healthy look to the future, therefore, are certainly issues which are part of my job.


This website will give extra attention on the term 'Service On Demand (Linux|Options)'. From now you can get the use of services on demand. We'll host a virtual machine at a certified provider (TransIP). On that machine we'll install and maintain the services you want, at a fully automated way, with the use of Docker and Ansible. Services can be for example: Websites, Applications, Databases, Reports, ... (and all other services you want). Services can be fully maintained by us, but can even partly maintained by us and partly maintained by yourself. You can access the services on a way you want and pay only the fee in the service level agreement. Whe are just starting this kind of service and we're looking for some 'test' companies. In the early 2017's this service has to be fully operational for a broad public.


Because we're always looking for new chalenges and ideas, we’d like to get in contact with other people, just like the ones whe are currently working with, constantly looking for new challenges. If you are feeling comfortably with this idea, if you like to work on a site like ours and if you like to promote yourself to other parties (the first tree steps on a new way of service delivery), there is there is a possibility to work together. Please fill in the contact form as a first step. See you soon.


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