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We do things smarter and faster to give you a sense of what can be done.  Our management techniques allow for rapid development and deployments so you don't need to waste hours and hours of time consuming developing and continuously, repeating management. You can just launch your product or service.  You will love it.  Develop your skills and wow people with your amazing applications.  Never be at a loss for ideas and always show up. Learn More About This!

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Virtualization with Vagrant & Docker

As much apearances as you want, again, again and again in just one click! in just one container (or a combinition of containers)!

ICT Services on Demand & Virtual Desktop

Docker is one of the fastest growing Open source technology which allows to run applications in containers. That’s why the term “containerize” applications. The apps runs all along with their dependencies in a container. It runs as an isolated process in userspace on the host operating system, sharing the kernel with other containers. You can think of Docker containers as a lightweight VMs.

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We care about Service, We serve our product as a Service and Service is our trade-mark.

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Our Fine Encyclopedia is a collection of user experiences presented to you in an uncomplicated way. The most items will have 'virtualisation' in their context.

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CoreOS is an open-source lightweight operating system based on the Linux kernel. CoreOS is pre-configured with popular tools for docker containers. In the link below, a short screencast showing how to run CoreOS and Docker using Vagrant has been provided to you.


Vagrant provides easy to configure, reproducible, and portable work environments built on top of industry-standard technology and controlled by a single consistent workflow to help maximize the productivity and flexibility of you and your team.


Docker is an open platform for developers and sysadmins to build, ship, and run distributed applications. Consisting of Docker Engine, a portable, lightweight runtime and packaging tool, and Docker Hub, a cloud service for sharing applications and automating workflows, Docker enables apps to be quickly assembled from components and eliminates the friction between development, QA, and production environments. As a result, IT can ship faster and run the same app, unchanged, on laptops, data center VMs, and any cloud.


Ansible is an orchestration and configuration management tool written in Python. Ansible is what you'll use to orchestrate and fine-tune things. That's what you want to structure your deployment and orchestration strategy. Ansible’s goals are foremost those of simplicity and maximum ease of use. It also has a strong focus on security and reliability, featuring a minimum of moving parts, usage of OpenSSH for transport (with an accelerated socket mode and pull modes as alternatives), and a language that is designed around auditability by humans – even those not familiar with the program.


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We care about Service. We serve our product as a Service
Service and Service is our trade-mark.